Vacuum coating

As one of few manufacturers, we offer vacuum coating on premium coating machines.
In 2017, we completed development of a new hall that will be used exclusively for these coating processes.
Coating lines support the most state of art metal spattering process.
Now, we can offer both coating steaming and spattering technologies.

Process phases include plastic part surface activation, steaming of aluminium film and application of corrosion protection layer (plasil).
The quality of applied layers corresponds to current automotive industry standards.
The system supports metal plating of the following materials: PC, ABS, PS, PBT, PP, PMMA and the like.
The follow up metal plating process has to be accounted for in the mould design and, ideally, there should be consultation concerning the final shape of the moulded product respective mould design. This is the only way how to reduce spoilage the natural rate of which is approx. 15 %.

We can offer AL anchoring for the steaming technology.

We can offer AL, Cr, Cu, Ti and steel coating for the spattering technology.

In lab, we can test the final grade of applied surface film using long-term tests in demineralised water bath and NaOH resistance tests.