Moulds and tools

Tool Shop of Fornas trading, s.r.o. is a company whose production scope is mainly tool-making work, metal-work, CNC machining and turning, electrosparking, production of tools and production of moulds for injection presses.

Production of moulds for injection presses for processing plastics, rubber, aluminium, including construction and project of ideal scheme of part production. We produce the moulds up to the size of 900 x 600x 600 and weight of 2 000kg. We use the most modern equipment with POWER SHAPE software for construction of the moulds and tools.And we use POWER MILL system for creation of program for CNC machines.
We have been dealing with wide scope of activities in the field of metal-working. We realize metal-cutting on CNC as well as standard machines, metal grinding and burnishing, electrosparking, hollowing machines and wire-stitchers.

We own lathes for standard and CNC lathe-turning; CNC machines are equipped with driven tools and a bar feeder.

Standard lathe-turning up to diameter of 400mm and length of 750mm
NC turning on SPR 63 machine up to diameter of 550 mm and length of 300mm
CNC turning of shape-difficult parts up to diameter of 290mm and length of 500 mm

We realize surface as well as cylindrical grinding including holes.

Surface grinding up to size of 600 x220
Cylindrical grinding up to diameter of 250 mm and length of 700mm

We realize electrosparking on STRATHCLYDE machines. We also realize production of electrodes of copper and graphite for electrosparking.

CNC hollowing-machine, runs 450 x 400 x 400
Manual hollowing-machine, runs 300 x 250 x350

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