About company

The company HP trend, s.r.o., based in Ludgeřovice near Ostrava, was founded in 1994. It currently employs 100 employees and is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic piping systems for hot and cold water distribution, floor heating and compressed air in the Czech Republic.

A comprehensive offer of the production program

The main production is located in the company premises in Ludgeřovice on Vrablovecká Street, where there is also a large sales warehouse. Currently, the HP trend company produces the widest range of fittings in the PN20 pressure range. Plastic pipes are produced in pressure ranges PN10, PN16, PN20 and in sizes with a diameter of 16-110 mm from the material PPR type 3 - a random copolymer of gray or green polypropylene, which shows high flexibility and excellent pressure resistance for hot and cold water distribution and floor heating.
In 2008, production was expanded to include PPR-Al-PPR STABI aluminum foil sandwich pipes with diameters of 16 to 110 mm. As the only company in the Czech Republic, the company also produces PE80 fittings made of high-pressure polyethylene in black color for industrial cold water distribution.

The entire production program is completed by the production of polyfusion welders, intended for comfortable welding (joining) of the pipeline system.

Technical moldings

Specializing in technical moldings is an integral part of the company's production program. In the production of technical moldings, the company has been cooperating with many renowned companies for many years:

Omnium Plastic (Varroc Lighting, s.r.o.)

Siemens, s.r.o.

KSR industrial s.r.o.

Otsuka Brano s.r.o.

Sonavox CZ s.r.o.

Tymphany Acoustic  technology Europe, s.r.o.

Isolit-Bravo, spol. s.r.o.